James Wani is a known and
reputed Australian watch retailer

Our presence is local currently, but we are fuelled by passion. Our time pieces are a product of innovation and creative imagination, resulting in exclusive, world class designs.

We use the best materials that are available for all our watch collections, ensuring quality and reliability. Our designs are simple, sophisticated, elegant – perfect for casual outings as well as fashion obsessed individuals. A classic night out, a date with your love, a gathering with friends or a business meeting, our watches engulf you in a persona, bringing on an air of attitude that leaves everyone impressed.

A bit of history

James Wani is a self funded watch retailer who are too conscious about style. Ever since our establishment in 2017, we aim at providing classic or modern, yet beautifully designed watches to the general consumer at an affordable price.

What are we eyeing now

We have always worked hard to turn our ideas into realisation, and have achieved our goals to a significant extent. Our next target is to establish ourselves as a global watch retailer with imprints in not just Australia, but worldwide.

But no matter at whatever pace we grow, we‘ll always committedand devoted to our basic purpose, maintaining the same values and vision that we did, when we first started out.

We want to bring in a brand new revolution into the chronological market such that our consumers are engaged and satisfied. We don’t just want to continue delivering the service level that we have been doing so; we want to take it to higher levels.

But we can’t expand or
grow without you

We want you to be with us – support us, and we’ll go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

Let’s set the time. Let’s wear a James Wani. We’ll grow together, always staying on top of the fashion world.

Thank you for choosing James Wani.