Hands-On Review of the Classic Black Corfu Watch from the James Wani Classic Collection

This review will take you through my experience with James Wani’s Classic Black Corfu watch from their Classic Collection. Read on to find out about this luxury men’s watch, and my overall thoughts on this timepiece from the initial unboxing to wearing it on numerous occasions.

About James Wani’s Classic Collection

James Wani is an Australian watchmaker based in Melbourne, who has released a range of men’s and women’s luxury watches at entry-level price points to make them more accessible to a wider audience. They pride themselves on using premium quality materials without charging a high-end price.

For my hands-on review, I chose the Classic Black Corfu from the Classic Collection. Priced at an extremely reasonable $176, I was anxious to get my hands on this fashionable-looking timepiece. The Classic Collection is just that, classic - made up of sleek and stylish watches that allow anyone to buy a luxury watch on their budget.

First Impressions

From the moment I opened the package from James Wani, I was struck by both the elegance of the watch and the excellent way it was packed. There was ample cushioning to protect the watch during transit, and the box it came in featured a minimalist design with the initials JW and muted colours to make the watch instantly stand out. The information that comes in the packaging was also beautifully presented, so as not to take away attention from the main feature - the stunning watch. There was also a surprise complimentary strap in the box, which was a very nice touch.

I removed the Corfu from the packaging and couldn’t help but put it straight on my wrist. It felt comfortable and lightweight, without feeling flimsy. The buckle was easy to do up, and the smell of the leather was wonderful. Genuine leather has a scent that I just adore, and that’s what James Wani uses for the majority of their watch straps. The Corfu feels like it’s been solidly constructed; the overall finish, smell and weight are reminiscent of higher-end watches.


Large enough to grab attention without overwhelming even the smallest wrist, the Corfu’s size is well-balanced. The black genuine leather strap has a width of 20mm, and the case is 40mm with a thickness of 8.2mm. The copper dial perfectly offsets the black surroundings, producing a design that doesn’t distract from outfits but enhances them.

The dial of this timepiece is clear and simple to read, with no date window to clutter the design. It does feature both a JW monogram and the James Wani logo on the watch face, and I would like to see one of these removed or made smaller in future designs so as to simplify the watch face even further.

The signed crown and buckle are sophisticated, elegant touches, for an overall luxurious yet classic design.


As I mentioned before, the Corfu feels really solid and well-made - which is a given when it’s made by such enthusiastic watchmakers. They care just as much about the function of their timepieces as they do about the look.

The Corfu is composed of 316L stainless steel, which is common in luxury watches from entry-level to high-end because of its resilience to tough conditions. The sapphire crystal only increases the watch’s durability, thanks to being both scratch- and shatter-resistant. I’ve unfortunately dealt with brands previously that claim to use sapphire crystal, when in fact it’s mineral or plastic, so I quickly grabbed a coin from my wallet for a scratch test. The crystal remained unscathed after scratching - another win for the Corfu watch!

It also features quality quartz movement from Japanese technological powerhouses Miyota, and I found the time to be incredibly accurate as well. You cannot hear the seconds ticking, which is another sign of a well-constructed watch.

James Wani timepieces also feature water resistance to 5 ATM (50 metres), so I decided to put this claim to the test by having a quick relaxing dip in my friend’s pool while wearing my Corfu watch. I was pleased to see that it still worked afterwards!


I wore this watch out to lunch with friends, as well as to a formal dinner with my partner’s family. On both occasions, Corfu was a perfect accent to my outfit. While wearing it, I couldn’t help but notice the durability; it feels strong enough to be able to wear every day. I’d recommend this watch for any situation, formal or casual.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the Classic Black Corfu watch from James Wani’s Classic Collection. It’s well priced for an entry-level luxury watch, and ticks all the boxes I look for in a quality timepiece. The design is elegant, neat and minimal without compromising on style. I also love how well-made the watch looks and feels, and how versatile it is in terms of outfit pairings.

If you’re looking for an everyday watch or one for special occasions, I recommend the Corfu from the Classic Collection at James Wani. To find out more about their watchmaking and browse the rest of the Classic Collection, visit their website here.

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