Our Story


Here’s what you need to know about James Wani.


James Wani was founded in 2017 in Melbourne, and we quickly became renowned for our luxury watches and jewellery. But before I tell the story of where we are now, I have to go back to where it all started.

Growing up, I could never afford premium jewellery or luxury watches - which was hard to accept, as I’ve always had a passion for those very things. I appreciate the workmanship and high-quality materials that go into every piece, but the price was always the barrier to owning the watches and jewellery that I coveted. I didn’t want to sacrifice quality by buying cheaper pieces, as they don’t last and I would spend more money on replacing them.

As I grew older and further explored my love and appreciation for the jewellery- and watch-making artforms, I decided that someone needed to break into that gap between the expensive and inexpensive brands, while still producing high-quality watches and handmade jewellery purely for the love of it. That someone would be me, and that’s why I founded James Wani.


At James Wani, we believe that everyone should be able to afford luxury watches and premium jewellery, with entry-level pieces that don’t break the bank but don’t compromise on quality either.

We’re old-school that way - we believe in producing smaller quantities of high-quality jewellery that will last, rather than pumping out large numbers of less than perfect pieces. We put in the time and effort to ensure that each piece of jewellery and every luxury watch that we produce is perfect and up to our incredibly high standards. It’s only when we’re truly proud of the final product that we pass it on to our consumers. 

We understand that watches and jewellery are common products, which is why we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our products stand on their own; James Wani is synonymous with luxury and quality. When you buy a piece of our jewellery or one of our premium timepieces, we’re pleased to say that you will be able to treasure your James Wani product for years to come.


There are a few reasons why we can keep our products affordable for those who want luxury watches and jewellery. We have low overheads due to being an online store, and by eliminating the middle man in our transactions. And when you want to purchase wholesale from James Wani, you have access to direct contact with one of our business representatives.

We operate this way to save time and costs, and also to eliminate quality issues. We produce and package every item we sell, ensuring it’s packed properly and checked by hand - that’s right, we check over each and every product before we send it off to you. We do this to ensure your new watch or jewellery stays in the best condition during shipping, to arrive perfectly on your doorstep.

Thank you for choosing James Wani.